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Meresha is one such artist. You’ll find 5 new songs on the EP Enter the Dreamland released June 23rd 2017.

Meresha is an indie singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer.

Her music has landed on the Billboard Top 40 Pop Indicator and Activator charts 3 times, while her videos have been played internationally, including on MTV Properties, where she won a Freshmen competition.

She’s been the #1 indie artist on US Pop radio for a while. She was selected to the national House of Blues class of 2016 of promising artistes and was a nominee for the Pavoh RADAR award.

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Meresha has performed at venues including Mizner Amphitheater, Hard Rock Cafe, House of Blues and B.B.King’s. Meresha was named the No. 6 emerging artist globally on Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart. (Wikipedia).

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