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Independent record label BelleJar Records promotes  Belle Cannon  and the Rewind album + various ongoing artistes worldwide. Exciting new music projects and artistes check in here. Let us help you to advertise your particular style. We are always on the lookout for interesting music projects and artistes to promote. Maybe you are recording your own original material.

BelleJar Records covers all mainstream music including the recent upsurge in new and also old country and folk music. Now is a good time to come on board with us! If you’re planning an album release independent record label BelleJar Records would like to hear about it! Selected independent talented singer songwriters and bands from around the world are being introduced across the UK and your talents would be considered for promotion.

BelleJar Records

BelleJar Records Independent Record Label

We are pleased to support country music record labels and promote independent UK country music singers and singer songwriters globally working safely during Coronavirus Covid 19. Check the latest government COVID update re  ‘live’ entertainment on a daily basis.

Record labels and music publishers that are not under the control of the big three are generally considered to be independent (indie), even if they are large corporations with complex structures. The term indie label is sometimes used to refer to only those independent labels that adhere to independent criteria of corporate structure and size and some consider an indie label to be almost any label that releases non-mainstream music, regardless of its corporate structure.

Record labels may be small, localised and “independent” (“indie”), or they may be part of a large international media group, or somewhere in between. The Association of Independent Music (AIM) defines a ‘major’ as “a multinational company which (together with the companies in its group) has more than 5% of the world market(s) for the sale of records or music videos.” As of 2012, there are only three labels that can be referred to as “major labels” (Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group). In 2014, AIM estimated that the majors had a collective global market share of some 65–70%. Wikipedia.

Please fill in and send back the  Talent Registration  form if we do not already have your details or you wish to update your page. With permission we can help to promote your act. However, we do NOT arrange tours.