BelleJar Records Independent record label promoting Belle Cannon and the Rewind album + various ongoing artistes promotions worldwide. Exciting new music projects and artistes check in here. Let us help you to find songs that fit your particular style. We are always on the lookout for further music projects and artistes to promote. Maybe you’d like to record your own original material.

Radio pluggers and producers work alongside us in the UK and around the world. However, we are unable to arrange tours at present. We cover all genres of music including the recent upsurge in new and also old country and folk music. Now is a good time to come on board with us! If you’re planning an album release BelleJar Records would like to hear about it!

BelleJar Records

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Selected independent talented singer songwriters and bands from around the world are being introduced across the UK and your talents would be considered for promotion. We are pleased to support country music record labels and promote independent UK country music singers and singer songwriters across the globe working safely during Coronavirus Covid 19.  Check the latest government COVID update re  ‘live’ entertainment on a daily basis.

Please fill in and send back the BelleJar Records Talent Registration form if we do not already have your details or you wish to update your page. With your permission we can promote your act.

Independent Record Label

Welcome to the latest addition to our promotions –  ‘Watermill’ – Ginny, David, Jonny & Simon. This Norfolk based talented band are in the process of putting tracks together for the release of an album currently on the cards. Full details will follow! If you have an album currently under construction send us the details and we promise to check you out!

This week’s focus is on Joan Armatrading with her new single ‘ Always There‘ introduced for the first play on the Ken Bruce Show on Radio 2 recently! This was the world premiere of this fantastic new music from Joan!

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