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Boston Shakers

Boston Shakers Electronic Rock Rap Band

Originally from the USA and France, The Boston Shakers electronic rock rap band is now based in the UK. The band started when six friends with the same passion for music and drinks decided to blend the musical genres they had been listening and playing for years with the night-life atmosphere and environment they were working in …

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Country Corner 21st February 2016

Country Corner 21st February 2016 Hawkesbury Radio

Country Corner 21st February 2016 Hawkesbury Radio 89.9FM 6pm-9pm. 21st February 2016 Australia. Lots of new country music on the playlist today. For fans of country music this is the station to tune in to on a Sunday morning over in the UK. Locals will be tuning in at 6pm for 3 hours of specially chosen …

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Country Corner 17th May 2015

Country Corner 17th May 2015 Hawkesbury Radio

Country Corner 17th May 2015 Hawkesbury Radio 89.9FM 6pm-9pm. 17th May 2015 Australia. Listen to the show online by streaming it via various options. Remember to check that the time in your country corresponds with the local time quoted above. Enjoy the show! If you’re one of the country music artistes showcased on the playlist …

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Paul Beerepoot

Paul Beerepoot Singer Songwriter

Paul Beerepoot singer songwriter has a single out for radio promotion called Fair Weather Friends. Paul is a country music singer from New Zealand who is now breaking in to the country music scene in Australia. Paul’s love for music and performing live, began in his teenage years. At the age of 16 he became a …

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Danny Hooper

Danny Hooper Country Music Singer

Danny Hooper Country Music singer from Australia. During the audience packed Annual Country Music SA Showcase, Danny received an award. This is always given to an artist who is gaining national success whilst still residing in South Australia. Danny was brought up singing songs around the kitchen table with his parents & three sisters in South …

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