Paul Beerepoot

Paul Beerepoot singer songwriter has a single out for radio promotion called Fair Weather Friends. Paul is a country music singer from New Zealand who is now breaking in to the country music scene in Australia.

Paul’s love for music and performing live, began in his teenage years. At the age of 16 he became a member of the local Jazz/swing band in New Zealand.

Paul Beerepoot Singer Songwriter Country Music Musician

“It was great to be in a big band and playing to big audiences, but it was also really ‘un-cool’.

This was the 70’s – and everyone had jeans and tie-dyed T-shirts. But we had to have a neat haircut and wear a cummerbund and bow tie!!” It was excellent formative experience and musical grounding for Paul.

This was especially so with the band being the resident at the Wairakei Golf resort for 3 years.

There were also many appearances performing at the Auckland Town Hall. But what Paul yearned for was to be in a rock band!

He fulfilled that dream in the early 80’s on the Sunshine Coast, Australia in 3 different bands, with the best being a 5 piece pub band “Strange Mixture”.

Although a great musician, the gig money wasn’t enough to survive and so Paul immersed himself into running his own successful business, got married and put his music up on the shelf for a while…the rest is history – as it happens for so many talented musicians out there!

It wasn’t until 2009, amidst the global financial crisis, that Paul’s once very successful business went bankrupt. He and his wife lost everything they had slogged their guts out their whole lives for! Luckily though, Paul still had his old guitar.

It was during this period of despair that Paul turned to his music for comfort and solace and so rekindled his love for music again. In 2013 Paul Beerepoot singer songwriter decided to return to live gigging and formed a duo with a friend – they named themselves Blue Label Music.

Fair Weather Friends

However as life happens, Paul’s duo partner had to leave due to family circumstances, so Paul is currently seeking another muso to fill the spot, or perhaps even a band! Now Paul is on a mission to take Fair Weather Friends to Australia and the world! And why not! A quality track and a quality man!

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