Escapade Britpop rock band have a sound that would be classed as Britpop rock. They write all their own material which tends to include both catchy lyrics and guitar riffs that they believe will appeal to a wide audience.

This is a four piece band from Leicestershire, originally formed as a duo in 2014 by Sam Wyatt, lead vocalist / guitar and Adam Bailey, lead guitar. They became a 4 piece band in 2015 when they were joined by Jordan Alleston, bass and Martin Wenham, drums.

Escapade Britpop Rock Band Originals Leicestershire

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Influenced by a number of bands but primarily Leicester legends Kasabian and Manchester’s finest Oasis, they are keen to focus on creating their own sound.

The writing duo of Sam and Adam take their inspiration from a range of musicians.

Sam takes his inspirations from Noel Gallagher and Kurt Cobain and Adam finds his inspiration in The Smiths and The Stone Roses guitarists Johnny Marr and John Squire.

The band formed just over 12 months ago and write all their own music. NO COVERS. They continue working hard writing new material and developing as artistes.

Escapade Britpop Rock Band members. Sam Wyatt – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar. Adam Bailey – Lead guitar, Vocals. Jordan Alleston – Bass, Vocals. Martin Wenham – Drums.

In 2015 the boys played at prestigious Leicestershire venues such as Sumo Bar and The Looking Glass. Also The Soundhouse and Walkabout and not forgetting The Shed. In September 2015 they performed at FinnFest and things seem to have taken off from there. Music videos to the songs on the EP were produced by a Sheffield filming company called Light Engine.

Escapade Venues and Gigs 

David Bash, CEO from Los Angeles, USA, chose them to play at his world famous “International Pop Overflow Festival (IPO)” in 2016.  This went out to 16 different countries around the world. It took place in Liverpool in May for 7 days at The Cavern Club and Pub.

Escapade Britpop rock band appeared at The IPO Festival on Saturday 21st of May. They played Nottingham at The Maze & The Running Horse and are waiting for further bookings. They also performed at Glastonbudget on Saturday 28th May on The Icon Stage.

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