Belle Cannon

Belle Cannon singer songwriter. Check out her debut album ‘Rewind’ recorded in Nashville at Sound Control. Rewind album is currently available to download from all popular online download stores. These include for example CDBaby, iTunes and Amazon.

With uplifting and inspiring self-penned songs such as ‘Reel Me In’, ‘Party’ and ‘Working Man’ you will find it impossible to stop your toes from tapping or your fingers from snapping.

Belle Cannon Singer Songwriter London

Sit back and relax to such Belle classics as ‘Between Now and Whenever’ and  ‘Cornerstone’.

With the aptly titled ‘Rewind’ you’ll find that you’ll easily slip into Belle Cannon Singer Songwriter mode to listen to the full album before reaching for the remote to start the process all over again.

Listen to the IMN May Anniversary radio special below – transporting you back in time to 2013 and the successfully promoted song ‘Cornerstone’.

Check out the Belle Cannon promotion on Mixcloud

Highlighted album Rewind and tracks readily available from online stores.

Belle Cannon Singer Songwriter Tracks Online

Reel Me In
That Thing You Do
Colour Me

 Fans of Belle, singer-songwriter, can purchase the track – Party – and and all the other Belle album – Rewind – tracks on iTunes and the majority of download stores worldwide online.

English Country Music is a term that gained currency in the 1960s and early 70s to specifically describe a genre of instrumental music then receiving attention from the folk revival.

This was a deliberate attempt to avoid the term “folk”, at the time being used widely to include much acoustically performed music with or without genuine folk origins or “traditional” which would strictly preclude the more recent material country musicians performed.

Those like Keith Summers who sought traditional musicians in rural areas often found that both songs and tunes from published sources, music hall, radio, 78 recordings or later coexisted in a performer’s repertoire, sometimes, but not always, alongside music which could be strictly defined as “folk” or “traditional”. (Wikipedia)

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